Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I can't believe how fast this year has passed and how much has changed and yet remained the same. It's already December 7th, 34 days till my son ships off to Navy boot camp. I guess that is why the days seem to slip by so fast even though we had 6 months till January 10th. I guess it has given me time to grieve and now finally accept his choice and actually feel confident in the path he has chosen. I find it funny that as strict and controlling as I was when he was a child now that he has grown into a young man his choices are his, sure I gave him my opinion and thoughts but ultimately it is his choice to make. After all he has grown into a mature and intelligent young man who thinks for himself and has not fallen to the path of typical teenagers, as I did. I'm so proud of him and so sad as I see my baby bird is ready to fly out of the 18 years seem so short, after all this is coming from the boy who wanted to live at home as long as he could and now he is already leaving wanting to be a man.

Even though he leaves I hope he understands this is his home forever, although one chapter has closed that does not mean he cannot return to home, his home, us. One day he will make his own family and create his own home but even then I hope he realizes he will always have us, that the doors to his childhood home are always open.

With much dismay I'm riding this roller coaster called life, with all the bad there has to be a good, so I'm trying to see the positive. My baby girl had a seizure one month ago exactly, the fact she still sleeps in our room (in her own bed) and that I have insomnia and I happened to hear her gasping for air and saw her having a seizure otherwise would have been unknown to us. She had an EEG with sleep deprivation and it came out abnormal with activity in her left temporal lobe behind her ear so she had an MRI which came out normal. The tests itself were stressful besides going through this process in which the answers so vague and unknown. She has been a trooper even doing the MRI without being sedated even though the pediatrician recommended it since it is so scary for little kids. But just with a few tears she was able to do the MRI the first time around. She has come far especially since her fear of doctors and hospitals. But I guess the fact she had been exposed to the doctors and hospital, x-rays and surgery for a broken arm in September prepared her for all this.

The positive is she is getting her fear over doctors which is a must since she has seizures, so she has a seizure disorder. Even though the neurologist didn't tell me the name for what she has I believe it is Panayiotopoulos Syndrome. She had vomited in her sleep on four different times and did not remember it was all in her sleep and her eyes were wide open looked to one direction. I hope this is what she has and that she will grow out of it. We are putting her on medication so she will not have anymore since the more seizures that occur the higher the frequency for seizures to reoccur.

At this point I'm numb otherwise I would be a wreck, I have been able to keep myself composed in front of her and I do not think about it because I can't. I'm taking it day by day, one step at a time. That is the only way to cope, to be strong, after all I'm her mother and the one who needs take care of her.

On this one month mark she is back in her own bed and I don't keep touching her to see if she is breathing or reach for her every time she moves or makes a sound. Although if she dreams I will talk to her and comfort her so she wont seize again since that is how it started last time. She was having a dream saying no, no, no and then that's when her breathing became raspy and shallow and she started shaking. The worst feeling for any parent is when their child is sick or hurt and there is nothing you can do to make them feel better. To watch her seize made me feel so helpless and so scared for her...I prayed that night, to God to my make her better to take away all my babies pain and hurt and to give it to me. I can take it all, just spare my babies.

So with a heavy heart but a gleam of hope I'm grateful for my children, that baby girl's brain is normal and that she will be the one that grow out of her seizures and that my son stays safe and finds the path he is seeking for.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Birthday's and failure

It's my son's 18th birthday today and I'm feeling sentimental and sad. It's not so much he is 18, a grown up in terms of being able to go to jail, buy cigarettes, enlist in the military, etc. But because I realized how I failed as a parent, how the one thing I had that kept me secure I was not able to give to him. I'm not being dramatic or over emotional..yeah I'm actually pretty stable now days as the depression has left me and I'm conducting my life with a clear head. But I realized I took away from my son the one thing I wanted him to know he would always have and that is we, I would always be here for him. That he could always come home if he ever wanted to venture off, not that once he turned 18 his ass was out, not that he was a burden to me, not that he could feel safe and confident that this was his home always. So he wants to leave be on his own, so he can feel secure in that he has a place to be without feeling like if he doesn't do something he will be out on his own.

Sure we gotten into some arguments and I told him if he didn't like our rules to leave but I had no idea he really believed this. I guess the fact remains that I have failed ultimately as a parent in that I could not provided my child with the one security that I would always be here for him. Even though I told him otherwise I guess the seed has been planted and so he seems to believe this. He wants to join the military, not sure which branch yet but he is determined to be on his own and not be a burden on me anymore. I guess he will not realize maybe till he is a parent one day I will always care and worry about him no matter how old he gets, regardless of what he does or doesn't do. I hope somehow he will be able to find confidence and security in me that he once had. So I wish him a happy birthday and I die inside as he really does slip away.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Four Years

It will be four years this Sunday, April 10th, my Uncle's birthday that my father passed away. In ways it seems just like yesterday and then as I look at my children I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. The pain of watching him die is forever embedded in my being so as I think about him the pain resurfaces raw and real but the one thing I'm able to do is not think about him or else I could not face each day. So yes time heals wounds in that you do not relive it every moment, and you are able to hide it beneath the daily callings of life. But the fact remains that when I think about him hot tears swell in my eyes and I feel the deep clenching pain that rises within my heart. Sometimes when I'm alone I let myself cry for him, for myself, it overcomes, over flows out of me, it amazes me how painful it is. But most days I do not think about him, this is how we move forward into our lives, not reliving the past, not regretting, not wishing things were different but move forward, to accept things as they are.

I started this the other day but it is Sunday today. I went to my mom's house at 9am yesterday morning to cook food for Chesa and we returned home around 11pm. I guess I was far more tired than I thought I was, I felt achy all over with joint pain. This morning I felt tired even though we slept in. I felt exhausted but I guess that goes from being around the family and all the unspoken drama and ill feelings that comes with family.

My mom is coming tonight so I can drive her to Korea town so she can go to the acupuncturist. My brother is supposed to drive her down since she can't drive, although it's funny how he doesn't drive her instead. But it's because she is afraid of him, to burden him, but it's ok to ask me because I will do it whiteout yelling or complaining to her. You would think she would demand that from him at the least but no she expects very little from him even though he lives with her, doesn't pay rent or any bills. Such a twisted family in ways, he is the eldest son and yet he fails miserably in every possible way and yet I the youngest daughter do all the duties for her. Besides cooking for Chesa I also bought all the food for it, the funny thing is the daughters are not considered family really and yet I 'm doing all the work. It is what it is, it has been this way and will be. The biggest stress when it comes to my mom has been her spending habits because I pay her bills. Since she hurt herself and wont get her check till her worker's compensation kicks in I had to redo her bills be cause she does not have enough money to pay her bills. It sucks to tell her not to spend but what can I do when she has no money coming in and no one to help her. I wish I could help her but the reality is we aren't in great shape either. And she needs to learn how to live within her means, not to be generous when she cannot be. I do not understand why Korean people are so into saving face, etc. it would be one thing is she had money and was selfish etc but she is the opposite. She has little and yet she loves to give but there is no way she will be able to live. Besides I still need to figure out what to do about her house, whether to sell it because in 3 years she will need to either sell it or refinance it. But refinancing may not be an option since she will not be making enough whiteout a co-signer. If she sells it she could live with us and live off the interest from her house but then there is my Aunt and my brother. Once he came back it made things more complicated that they were. The top will come up sooner than later but unfortunately I will have to be the one to lay everything out again. I won't think about it anymore tonight, nope not tonight.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I guess besides having my bad days I have defeated the "fog" for the time being. More or less I feel more like myself, not perfect far from it but I do not have the over whelming feeling of dread and defeat. I feel ok and life is good in so many ways and I'm finally able to see since the fog has dissipated!

My mom fractured her fibula and sprained her ankle while going into work last week. But instead of feeling so worried and over come with stress after the initial news I become logical and methodical. It took a few days not to let the anxiety and what ifs to over come me. Instead I didn't over think things and focused on the present. Focusing on what is happening today and not the past or wishing I had done or said something differently only made me miserable. Being stressed about things I have no control over including people. I feel so relieved and happy that emotionally, mentally I'm healing. I'm at peace and content even though life isn't perfect I'm ok.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Calm after the storm

Right after my latest rant fest/melt down things have looked brighter. For one the next day son comes home with a bouquet of flowers and tells me how he appreciates me and loves me. The same morning I'm not yelling for baby girl to hurry up and eat, no arguments or break downs (mine) and homework after school is a breeze. She gets it, no complaining, no whining. And the crazy part is that I should be PMSing like a lunatic right now. I mean full blown anxiety, rage of hormones but nothing.

I'm not sure if part of it has to do with my diet, well I have been eating seaweed soup every day for the last two weeks. Not for every meal but at least twice a day and eating whatever else I want. I first started with just eating a soup diet but I got turned off by the first few days, so I figured why not go to having Korean seaweed soup. It really good for you and it wouldn't hurt after all this is what I had for every meal after the birth of my kids. So maybe since it's high in calcium it helping? I don't know but the fact my mind/emotions are not out of control gives me some hope that either I'm finally becoming my old self or its just sick twisted joke to make me realize how much I miss being normal! Either way I guess I better enjoy while it last.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mothering, failure at its worst.

No matter how I try I fail at being a good mother. At this moment I feel like I have not accomplished anything in my life. Even though I finished school it's not like I did my best, far from it. It seems like my entire life I have not succeed in doing anything worth while and worst of all I'am a failure at being a parent, a mother. I don't want to blame how I was parented or mothered because after all I'm an adult and it falls back to me. I feel guilty and horrible because I wish I never became a mother. I fear I'm damaging my kids and how I raise them will impact them for the rest of their lives and their children's lives. It seems at this point no matter what I try to do I fail miserably.

I still have not even applied for work, I look at the listings daily and see many possibilities yet my self doubt keeps from me even sending out my resume. There is no weight lose, I actually weigh more than when this school year started, it seems no matter what I do it is not enough. I'm spread out so thin and there is nothing left of me to give, I feel transparent and empty, I have felt this way for a long time. I'm tired, exhausted as I try to will up enough strength and gusto every day trying to be positive, to be a good mother. It's the same battles the same things that do not seem to change no matter how hard I work on them. And worst of all I feel unappreciated and what I do has no bearing on my families life. I guess the point of it was when my son keeps telling me that's too bad it's your life, you chose your life, you had kids and so you suffer. I guess that is what gets me the most is how heartless and cold he is, I always thought he was a compassionate child but as he has gotten older he seems to have no patience for others faults and only seem them as weakness. It scares me in that he has become a selfish person who only cares about his own needs and no one elses. I try to reassure myself it's the teenager in him but I also see alot of his biological donor in him.
Yes I hate my life but more so I hate myself for following what others tell me to do instead of following what I really wanted to do in my life. I hate that I'm a people pleaser, that I have no identity in who I'm, that I have no self love or even respect to listen to what my soul needs. I'm ashamed that I have no self confidence at 38, that I'm more at loss today than when I was as a teenager. This is the ugly pathetic truth that I'm no better today than I was 20 years ago.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Being Grateful Even When You're Not

I have to keep reminding myself of all the things I do have and not dwell on the things I do not. As I try to stay afloat I have to admit I get tired of just paddling and staying afloat but sometimes I wonder if it would be better to stop paddling and let myself sink to the bottom. But then who am'I kidding there is no way that would ever happen...even as I curse and fight the entire way I would never just give up and go. "Perseverance" that's what my Calworks worker told me, that I had perseverance...I guess that's one thing I should be grateful for.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well all is ok even with my melt down although in many ways they are actually tamer in ways and just going with it instead of fighting it seemed to make it pass without too much destruction. I'm feeling fine actually besides have some body aches which could be related to all the illness that is running rampant at the kids schools or maybe just arthritis due from the damp weather, either way I stayed home yesterday. Well that is I kept baby girl home with me and we snuggled and watched movies all day. She has had a slight cough for the past two months not sure if its a cold or allergies but gave her plenty of soup to congest her. She was actually bored and wanted to go to school...go figure I actually have a child that loves school! It was a great day of relaxing and spending time with her and I do believe that is why I woke up in a better mood today.

I'm feeling tired still and stiff in my joints but mood wise I'm ok. Even though there is a lot on my mind I have been able to separate it all with out it consuming me. So much to do yet I haven't started on it yet, still the procrastinator. I actually haven't wrote anything for the last few days even though I always have thoughts running in my head, things to do, things I regret, things I want change, stuff I have to do, what to make for dinner, etc. Constant things but I have also been able to quiet my mind when I need too.

I also realized I have some writings on here I haven't published, many are incomplete but things I had been going through. I think I will publish them after I spell check them since I'm a horrible speller but as is, incomplete and unfinished.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Baby girl has a school musical today and if I was a good parent it wouldn't even be a question that I would attend but the ugly parent (the one that I'm) doesn't want to sit in a small auditorium with 500 plus people for an over hour trying to peer over rows of heads to see her. Yeah I suck and I want to be off my duties as a mom for one day...I did the weekly volunteering yesterday beyond my commitment of hour of reading, cleaning, helping with the art projects and then making copies for the 6 first grade classes. So I'm over done, baked, burnt, toasted just so over it. I still have to bake cookies for their Valentine's Day party on Monday besides helping them with the party. Usually I'm not such a grump but quite chirpy and so agreeable as I say yes to everything that is asked of me as what else would I be doing since I'm not working a real job.

I feel useless and the job I'm doing as a parent I seem to be failing rapidly. My son doesn't want to college as he seeks to remind me of every opportunity he has. The sad part is he is really a smart kid, not that just cause he is my kid..hell More like the opposite but he says he hates school...yadda yadda and it isn't for him and he doesn't know what he wants to do. In reality I really do listen to what he has to say maybe too much because I try to work with him. Instead of going straight to a four year college he was going to a community college and transfer but then he wanted to take a year off to travel and just the other night how he isn't made for school. So what does a mother do..he tells me he hates school..shit I hated school..but he doesn't get most people who go hate it but it's about jumping through the hoops, staying with something, finishing the commitment. Although as this point I really want to jump this ship on I'm on called parenting. I tell him I understand but he is the typical teenager who only sees what he wants right now and doesn't get the future is way different than what he thinks of it now. So what do you tell a kid who thinks he has life all figured out..sometimes I think I should have gone with the old school of parenting of not listening to your kids or talking to them but just telling them what to do without any back talk!

Parenting really sucks and I want out!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In circles

As much as I want to say the positive vibe has stayed and my life is full of sunshine and daises it has come to a halting stop, actually it's slammed head on into the wall. But realistically speaking it's more like running in circles going nowhere. The movements are fierce but the actual progress is none to nil. So I keep trudging on even though I so want to jump off this wheel and head for the hills, the beach, on a one way plane just outta here from my life. So I regress and complain and whine about how pitiful and lame my life is, how the daily drudgery that is my life sucks out all the hope I may have. No matter how much joy and enthusiasm I try to muster up each day it is all sucked out by what is the living parasites I call my children and my mother. Yes I do love them but the reality is I have to solve every one's problems, find something that is missing (even though its right in front of their eyes), to bake the weekly bread, to bake my mom's bread, to volunteer in class, to stay after and help, to make dinner, to pay the bills, to get our papers as well as my mom's to file taxes, to look in the ad's to find sales for groceries, to stock up on the necessities (even those I don't eat), to find ways to keep the house running, to pick up and put away things otherwise our home could be featured on hoarders. So I muster up enough energy to stay positive, in the present, to stay afloat in this chess pool that is my life. Yeah I'm bitchy and negative and most likely PMSing out but I guess it's better to rant and rave here than at my children. Gawd my life sucks....yeah I know it doesn't but for these few hours it does. (Sigh)I'm off to conquer my next goal...dinner.